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Himachal Pradesh is one of India’s most visited states. The state, blessed with beautiful pristine snow-clad mountains, lush valleys, and other natural beauty, abounds in many adventure sports, particularly trekking. The Hampta Pass Trek is regarded as the easiest and most convenient of all treks.

The trek begins and concludes in Manali, passing through scenic landscape, floral meadows, Himalayan avifauna, snow-capped peaks, glacial valleys, dense forests, and crystal clear water. This well-planned trek includes stops in Manali, Chatru, Chika, Siagoru, Chandra Tal, Hampta Pass, and Balu ka Ghera. For more information, please see the detailed itinerary.

Day 1 : Manali to Chika via Jobri

The trekking excursion begins with a van ride from Manali to Jobri. Manali is 6, 726 feet above sea level, so it's an ideal place to acclimatise your body before starting the journey. Jobri, at an elevation of 9,800 feet, takes an hour and forty hairpin bends to reach.

The walk begins at the Allain Guhugal Hydel Project crossroads. Pass by a variety of trees such as maple, deodar, toss, and oak. The sight is energising. Enjoy the meadows and fresh air while photographing the Rani Nallah. Continue on to Chika, which is located at the far end of the vast meadow. However, climbing the hill and descending to Chika is a better and easier option.

Day 2 : Chika to Balu ka Gera

On the second day, eat a nutritious breakfast and prepare for the day's walk, which will take you to Balu ka Gera at an elevation of 11,900 feet. The path is simple and may be completed without trouble. An entire stretch of the river's right bank is lined with ancient trees. When you reach the end of the tree cover, take a moment to admire the entire range of Dhauladhar snow-clad peaks in front of you.
You will eventually come to a brook. It is best to cross the creek early in the morning when the current is slow. One can easily skip across the stones to get to the other side. You will be in Jwara in half a day. The stunning scenic sheltered valley is surrounded by large snow-clad rocks on one side and dips down to the river on the other. Take in the sight of snow melting into the river and animals grazing on the grounds. The photo shows snow-covered mountains in the foreground and the Hampta Pass in the background.
Keep to the left and you'll eventually arrive at today's goal. The path ends at Balu ka Gera; the name has nothing to do with the location. The area is covered in snow and greenery, despite the name, which implies a sand mound. However, it is said that this location was formed by river sands and dust. Today's distance is around 8 kilometres, with a time period of 4-5 hours. Relax, enjoy the peace and beauty of the surroundings once you arrive at the campsite.

Spend the night in camp.

Day 3 : Balu-Ka-Gera to Siagoru Crossing Hampta Pass

Begin your day early because you have an almost 9-hour trek ahead of you. Divide the route in half, with a gradual ascent on a moderately steep slope to Hampta Pass (14,100 ft.), followed by a severe descent to Siagoru. Walk along the riverside trail to get closer to the base, where the actual climb to the Hampta Pass begins. The vertical ascent will take roughly 15 minutes of hard work and is definitely unforgettable. The visual beauty is unparalleled and alleviates the majority of your agony. Remember to snap pictures. Spend some time here, eat some lunch, and then prepare for the next drop to Siagoru.
The descent is more difficult than the ascent. Because the drop is steep, proceed with caution at all times. You can also get down by sliding down the slope or by using ropes for support. Spiti is easy to spot from this vantage point. You'll arrive at the bottom of the valley that leads to Siagoru in about an hour and a half. The valley is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and the only open side is Siagoru's path. The campsite is also near the river. You're going to enjoy it here. The scenery is breathtaking. You would be exhausted after walking 14 kilometres. So, unwind in the midst of nature.

Day 4 : Siagoru to Chatru

Begin your day early after a leisurely breakfast. Begin your stroll along the river, which may also be observed from your camp. The first half of your walk would be an easy descent, but the second half would be exhausting due to the incredibly steep altitude. While crossing the rock zone, you may feel a little tired. After passing the descending trail, you will be able to observe the vast valley of the Chandra River.
This river valley, located on the Manali-Kaza route, is 1000 feet above sea level. On one side, there are desolate enormous mountains, while on the other, there are snow-clad mountain peaks. There are several dhabas. Enjoy delicious cuisine while hiking. You've walked 8 kilometres in around 5 hours today.

Chatru is a great camping spot that combines the three passes of Hampta, Rohtang, and Spiti. Spend the night in a camp.

Day 5 : Chatru/ Chandratal to Manali

The trekking tour concludes today. Before you leave, if the weather permits, drive up to the magnificent Chandratal Lake. Chandratal is 14,000 feet above sea level and 70 kilometres from the Chatru camp site. The journey to Manali will take seven hours to accomplish.

Because it is shaped like a moon, the lake with crystal clear water is called Chandra Tal. Enjoy the breathtaking sight and feel the cool breeze while standing among the towering peaks. Put up a prayer flag like the other visitors. Spend some time in bliss before continuing on to Manali, bringing the tour to a close.
Only during the summer months can you visit Chandratal. Otherwise, you'll have to drive straight from Chatru to Manali, skipping Chandratal entirely.

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