Gandaki Province is located in the country’s west. It is bounded on the east by the Trishuli River, the Budhi Gandaki River, and Bagmati Province, on the west by Lumbini Province, on the north by China, and on the south by Lumbini Province and Uttar Pradesh of India. It is located between 82052’45” and 85012’01” east longitude, and between 27026’15” and 29012’01” north latitude.

It covers an area of 21914.97 square kilometres, accounting for 14.75% of the country’s total area. Forest covers 38.01% of provincial land. (MoF; Economic Survey 2076/77) 17.8% of the province’s land is arable, 24.7% is covered by snow, and 0.4% is covered by water.

Starting from the north, the province can be divided into four major regions: 1) High Himalayas, 2) High Mountains, 3) Middle Mountains, and Inner Madhesh.


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