Sasaram, also known as Sahasram, is an ancient historical city and municipal corporation region in the Rohtas district of Bihar state in eastern India, with a history dating back thousands of years. Sasaram is a historic town in the Rohtas district of Bihar that is well-known for its architectural wonders and rich cultural legacy. The Grand Trunk Road and administrative reforms implemented by Sher Shah Suri, the medieval emperor, are two of the city’s most well-known connections. One of the greatest examples of the emperor’s legacy is the Sher Shah Suri Tomb in Sasaram. It is an Indo-Islamic architectural masterpiece. In addition, the town is home to several other historical sites, like as the UNESCO World Heritage Site Rohtas Fort and old temples like Manjhar Kund and Tara Chandi. Discovering Sasaram’s rich history, lively marketplaces, and serene environs allows visitors to fully experience the distinct beauty of this ancient Bihar town.

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