Sonitpur district is an administrative district in the Indian state of Assam. Tezpur serves as the district headquarters. Sonitpur district is popular for Nameri National Park. Sonitpur, a varied area renowned for its natural beauty and rich cultural legacy, is tucked away in the Assamese countryside. Sonitpur is a peaceful haven for nature lovers and adventurers, encircled by lush hills, bountiful plains, and winding rivers. Known for its rich history, the district’s cultural significance is reflected in sites like Agnigarh Fort and the historic Tezpur town. The region’s rich cultural legacy is celebrated in Sonitpur through lively festivals, traditional music, and dance styles. Discovering the distinctive appeal of Assam’s rural areas, visitors can stroll through peaceful tea estates, lively markets, and beautiful lakes. Travelers are welcome to discover the spirit of Assamese culture in Sonitpur’s beautiful scenery, surrounded by warm hospitality and picturesque views.

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