Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh is home to the Apatani tribe, and is known for its picture-perfect valley views. Ziro is approximately 167 km from the capital city Itanagar, and the drive to it is one of the most scenic drives you will experience in Arunachal Pradesh. The valley is surrounded by lush green forest and terrace farms that look stunning any time of the year. Looking at the gentle brooks gurgling away by the side of the road, you get a sense of peace in Ziro. No wonder, the valley is one of the most visited places in Arunachal Pradesh. Situated in the undulating hills of Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro is a serene haven of scenic beauty and cultural allure. Ziro, which is well-known for its gorgeous scenery, verdant rice fields, and deep pine forests, provides a tranquil haven for both adventurers and nature enthusiasts. The Apatani tribe, which is well-known for its distinctive rituals, colorful festivals, and elaborate handloom products, resides in the town. Indulge in the local way of life, stroll along picturesque paths, and discover historic villages. Ziro is also well-known for hosting the Ziro Music Festival, which draws global music fans and celebrates indie music and cultural variety. Ziro invites visitors to discover the enthralling beauty of Arunachal Pradesh with its ageless enchantment and vibrant culture.

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