Kurnool is a city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It was formerly the capital of Andhra Pradesh. The city is often referred to as “The Gateway of Rayalaseema”. Kurnool is also known as The Gem Stone City. It also serves as the Kurnool district’s district headquarters. Andhra Pradesh’s historic city of Kurnool skillfully combines modern development with its rich history. It is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and has historic monuments, temples, and forts that bear witness to its rich history. Its economy is mostly driven by agriculture, particularly cotton, rice, and sugarcane, as well as emerging sectors like mining, cement, and renewable energy. To accommodate its growing population, the city has commercial centers, medical services, and educational institutions. Kurnool maintains its traditional customs despite its economic development, and its lively festivals only serve to enhance its allure. Its advantageous position and expanding infrastructure make it a desirable place to invest and grow a business, exemplifying Andhra Pradesh’s dedication to sustainable development that respects the state’s rich cultural heritage.

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