state of India, located in the subcontinent’s southeast. It is bounded to the south by Tamil Nadu, to the southwest and west by Karnataka, to the northwest and north by Telangana, and to the northeast by Odisha. The eastern border is a 600-mile (970-kilometer) stretch of coastline along the Bay of Bengal. Telangana was a region within Andhra Pradesh for nearly six decades before being split off to form a separate state in 2014. Hyderabad, in west-central Telangana, is the capital of both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Andhra Pradesh is one of the country’s leading rice-growing states and a major tobacco producer. The rivers of the state, particularly the Godavari and the Krishna, but also the Penneru, account for its agricultural importance.

Situated on the southeast coast of India, Andhra Pradesh is a state with a lively culture, varied landscape, and a rich history. Magnificent temples and monuments dotting the state are testaments to its ancient past. The predominant language spoken there is Telugu, and its culture is shaped by a fusion of modern and traditional elements. Its economy is based on agriculture, information technology, and medicines, while tourism is boosted by sites like the beaches of Visakhapatnam, the temples of Tirupati, and the picturesque Araku Valley. Andhra Pradesh, which is governed by a parliamentary government, is a fascinating travel destination and a potential center for economic growth because of its dynamic fusion of tradition and progress.


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