Haflong is a town and the administrative centre of the Dima Hasao district in the Indian state of Assam. It is Assam’s only hill station.¬†Tucked away in the stunning Assamese countryside, Haflong is a tranquil town known for its diversity of cultures and natural beauty. Haflong, which is located in the Dima Hasao district’s lovely hills, provides expansive vistas of misty mountains, lush valleys, and gushing waterfalls. The town’s colorful identity is shaped by the influences of Assamese, Dimasa, and other indigenous people, making it a melting pot of cultures. Discover the region’s distinct appeal by exploring peaceful lakes, verdant tea gardens, and quaint markets. Haflong is also well-known for its festivals, music, and handicrafts, all of which highlight the rich cultural legacy of the locals. Haflong invites visitors to enjoy the peace and cultural diversity of Assam’s hill stations with its serene atmosphere and picturesque views.

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