Majuli is a river island in Assam’s Brahmaputra River that was designated as India’s first district in 2016. It had an area of 1,255 square kilometres at the turn of the twentieth century, but due to erosion, it now covers 352 square kilometres as of 2014. Majuli, the biggest river island in the world, is known for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. It is located in Assam, tucked into the Brahmaputra River. The island’s quiet environs, featuring winding rivers and an abundance of vegetation, provide a peaceful haven. Assam’s traditional arts, music, and dance traditions are preserved in the old Vaishnavite monasteries, or “satras,” located in Majuli, a cultural centre. Discover these satras, take in the colorful festivals, and take in the island’s breathtaking scenery, which includes rice fields and marshes brimming with wildlife. For those looking for a genuine experience at the centre of Assamese riverine culture, Majuli is a must-visit location due to its distinct appeal, rich past, and ecological significance.

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